About the exam


The entrance exam is a complex exam consisting of two parts, written and oral.


Written part

There are 2 options provided to take the written part of the entrance exam. One option is the written exam organized by the Medical School and/or its authorized representative agencies in Pécs, Budapest and abroad.

In this case the written part includes multiple choice tests in Biology (20 questions), Chemistry (20 questions), General English (40 questions) and Medical English (20 questions).  The duration of the exam is 2.5 hours.


The other option to take the written part of the exam is the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). As a new initiative for the application period of 2018, the University of Pécs Medical School accepts the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) for applications to its General Medicine and Dentistry programs as the written part of the entrance exam.


BMAT is an admissions test for applicants to Medicine, Biomedical Science and Dentistry courses at certain universities around the world. BMAT gives you the chance to show your potential to succeed on a demanding science-based university course. Please check the BMAT flyer.


The test takes place on 16th February 2019  and also on 7th May 2019 in test centres in many countries. Visit the BMAT website to find out more about the test, where you can take the test, and how to register.


Preparing for BMAT

Visit the BMAT website for a range of free resources, and do the following:


Please note that the BMAT is not organized by the University of Pécs Medical School.


Oral part

The oral part is a 20-30 minute personal interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation. The oral interview is obligatory, can be taken in Pécs, in Budapest or abroad at an entrance exam organized by the Medical School and/or its authorized representative agencies. Please note that if you take the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) as the written part of the exam, you still have to take the oral part somewhere. Taking the BMAT only is not sufficient to be able to get accepted to our Medical School!


Please note that Skype interviews are not acceptable for the General Medicine and Dentistry programs.

Please note that in case of an unsuccessful entrance exam you can only repeat it twice!

The use of mobile phones, smart watches or any other electronic devices during any part of the examination is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule may result in the cancellation of your exam scores, dismissal from the exam or banning from future exam opportunities.



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