Registration and orientation week program


Info DAY - 27 AUGUST 2019 (9:00-16:00)

Orientation lectures - 9:00-10:30

Please note that the attendance of the Orientation lecture and the collective enrolment is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if you do not appear at the Medical School during these two days, you will not be able to start your studies.

  • presentation of the Admissions and English Student Service Center – about immigration issues, student card information, non-educational matters
  • presentation of the Registrar’s Office – about enrolment, matriculation, course registration, timetable, etc., and you’ll be sorted into groups

Information desks - 10:30-16:00

Introduction of the Sport Centre, Language Department, Student Researchers’ Society, Psychology Counselling, English-German Student Council and many more facilities.

Collective enrolment - 28 AUGUST 2019

Matriculation and course registration in the Neptun electronic education administration system in groups, with assistance.


ORientation workshops and lectures - 28-29 AUGUST 2019

20-30 minute worskshops and lectures in various topics in relation to orientation and life in Pécs and at the University. 


OPENING CEREMONY - 1 September 2019 (17:00-18:00)

Formal ceremony, where the first year students are greeted by the leadership of the Medical School and you must take the oath.