One of the most attractive tourist spots of the Mecsek, with a dripstone cave, a series of lakes for swimming, boating and fishing, and all surrounded by picturesque hills. The road to Orfű-Abaliget branches off from road no. 6 at the northwestern part of Pécs. By car or bus the travel time is 20-30 min. from Pécs. 

After arriving at Orfű, it is worth taking a short excursion by following the green mark (sign for hikers on trees) to the source of the Sárkány (dragon) fountain. This is a nature preservation area. The water springing from the ground used to be accompanied by a loud growling sound.

Take the road heading north from Orfű to reach Lake Orfű l, a popular swimming and fishing spot. You can find the Mill Museum on the shore of the lake. Follow the road to Mecsekrákos to reach the Tó restaurant. Next to Lake Orfű you can find Lake Pécs (Pécsi-tó), with its built-up beach. 


The road to Abaliget passes through the Mész valley. The Abaliget rowing lake is to the southwest of the village. The dripstone cave of Abaliget (Cseppkő barlang) can be found next to the lake. A 500m long, guided tour is available for visitors and requires no special clothing or accessories. The Abaliget cave was used for shelter by man in the prehistoric age. 


It would be easy to spend several weeks exploring all of the beauty spots in the Abaliget and Orfű region.


Links for further informations

Official website of Orfű (where you can find more informations about Abaliget too)- link

Recommended tour guide- link



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