Pécs, our mediterranean city

26 May 2023

So by now you know you want a carrier in the medical or pharmaceutical field, but still not sure about the whereabouts of your future studies? Here are a couple of facts about Pécs, the hometown of UP Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

6 Reasons to Choose Us!

#1 Location

Pécs is the fifth largest city in the Southern part of Hungary, close the Croatian border on the slopes of Mecsek mountain. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is only around 240 km away.

One can easily go for day trips, as Pécs is a really good base to explore the surrounding area of Hungary and even Croatia.

#2 The vibes

The location itself gives the place a tint of mediterranean lifestyle. The laid back vibes can be felt when you stroll around the city center, take a rest on a bench around the Cathedral on Szent István Square or go for a hike in the surrounding forests.

Thanks to the joint-venture of long time history and its being a university town with a lot of international students, we can say that Pécs has a truly international atmosphere.

But if you want to find yourself in the middle of milling crowds of cheerful people, just go in the city centre in the evening and enjoy the bubbly bustling of people.

# 3 Innovations

The brand new theoretical wing has been handed over in 2021 enabling room for education and research to grow by 40%. It means 129.167 square feet of high quality, modern environment, technological innovations and 21st century labs, 4 new big lecture rooms and 34 new seminar rooms.

The new theoretical and clinical building of dentistry – just opposite the main campus – has been handed over in 2022, where 29.600 square feet, 5 floors, 61 new dental units await patients and students.

The area of the Mediskills Lab has also gotten extended over six times, and an educational lab with a virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) technology has also been built. High-fidelity simulators, equipment with 3D technology and innovative demonstration tools – top quality environment to help improve the manual abilities of medics, both graduates and post-graduates.

#4 Services

Student life is hard life. But we strive to help ease the difficulties our students have to face. The English-German Student Council is the official representation of all international students at the University of Pécs Medical School. We have AMBOSS for free, we provide legal aid, mental counselling and many more to serve the well being of our students.

#5 Student Life

Even though student life is hard life, there is a bright side to it, too. There are a lot of parties, events and many outdoors activites to spend your time with at the University and all around the city as well.

#6 And what about the diploma we offer

Hungarian medical university degrees are recognized in all member states of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. 

Graduates of the University of Pécs Medical School (as foreign graduates) have the right to pass the Medical Licensing Examinations in the United States, after which they are eligible for residency. They are also eligible to pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCCEE) and the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) before applying for residencies.