European Researcher’s Night- When the reasearchers telling about a story

Tuesday, 2 October, 2018

Since 2005 every year at last Friday of September the European Researcher’s Night was organised all over Europe. In Hungary there were 260 places and 2600 scientific programes at the Universities for the children and adults as well. In 2018 European Researcher’s Night had an important message: the publicity of science for every students, parents and adults.

University of Pécs Medical School, Faculty of Pharmacy, Clinical Center, Szentágothai Research Center and 3D Print Facility were organising interesting and scientific courses in nine places. From the youngest visitor to the oldest one everybody could find an interesting program. There were open department hours when the visitors could entrace the departments freely, presentation of the dissecting room and course of experimental cardiology. They could know the mystery of pharmacy and they were able to see the Facility of 3D Printig. 


The visitors could examine the human body, there were several cellular examines across microscopes and the spectators got an insight into an innovative research via tumor fingerprints. They could know some special pharmacy technologies, they tried to touch and use few laboratorial equipments. A lot of lecturers were presenting their research interactively. 

At the programes of Researcher’s Night there were a lot of young and older children, high school and University students and also many parents and adults. There were almost 3.000 visitors in this Night at University of Pécs. The spectators could get to know more about science through the presentations, the experiments and workshops. Meeting with researchers and lecturers could constrict the line between the scientists and the laymen. Next year we will wait the visitors with the same respect!

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