#SAFEHANDS Challenge - Join us!

Friday, 20 March, 2020

Dear University and High School Students!

The HUMSIRC Local Committee of Pécs, UPMS and many different organisations of the faculties are proudly joining the #SafeHands challenge started by WHO.

In the coming days, videos will appear on the social media platforms of the university about proper hand hygiene. With these videos, we would like to help you to learn the steps of effective handwashing. We want to stress out the importance of appropriate hygiene and staying at home in these circumstances. 

It’s your turn to wash your hands, share it with us and win!


0. Follow our pages. (@moszpoe @pteaok)
1. Shoot a short video where you wash or sterilize your hands according to WHO guidelines!
2. Upload it to Instagram (max. 1 minute long).
3. Tag @moszpoe @pteaok.
4. Do not forget the #medschoolpécs and #safehands hashtags.

In the coming 20 days 5 hoodies and 10 mugs will be drawn amongst the uploaders.