How to Take Difficulties Easier? #DistanceLearning 💻

Monday, 23 March, 2020

Today, the distance learning started at the university, and we wanted to help about it.
Here are some good tips to keep in mind - this also applies to high school students:

1. If you decided to do it, then really do it!✔️

2. The agenda is important! Have a daily routine, have a corner where you can go to learn!✔️

3. Do not fall into the trap of comfort. This is closely linked to point 2. Everything should have a place, time. This avoids the "twitching" of long hours!✔️

4. Your teachers are not your enemies, ask, consult them! Be patient, this is new to everyone now!✔️

5. Do not forget to take notes when you are online!✔️

6. If possible, stop the curriculum and look back as often as needed!✔️

7. Always ask, because it is quicker to get an answer this way.It’s not bad if you don't know it yet. Your classmates are in a similar position, lean on each other!✔️

8. Against Decreased Concentration: We recommend that when you sit down to learn, turn off 4g/wifi on your phones or other electronic devices that do not facilitate learning. No more little bit of tiktok or chat. ✔️

9. Study in short stages, do not overload your days, because you will stop! ✔️

10. Less is not necessarily more. You cannot force valuable knowledge into yourself in 1 day!✔️

10 + 1. Be patient, don't give up, you're on the right way!♥️