Monday, 28 November, 2016

The University of Pécs celebrates the 650th jubilee of its foundation in 2017. On this festive occasion our institution is planning to organize a series of ceremonial events which will be significant for the city of Pécs, the Transdanubian region and for Hungary as well.

Between 1348 and 1367 there was a strongly marked wave of university foundations which affected several enlightened Middle European countries: Prague, Cracow, Vienna and Pécs took the leading role in establishing a secular higher education system. The papal decree about the foundation is dated to 1 September, 1367.
The main aim of the jubilee programmes is to improve the national and international image of the University of Pécs, as well as to raise the identity awareness of the current and former UP students, lecturers and staff members. The jubilee programmes are going to start on 20 of November at 10 am at 48-as Square with the Countdown Day. A special installation called Minimal is going to be presented which will begin the countdown until the 1st of September of 2017.

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Source: UNIVPécs