Arranging the entrance exam

You will need to take an entrance exam. You can take it:

a) at an exam occasion organized by the English Admissions and Student Service Office of the University of Pécs Medical School (Pécs exam).

Entrance exams are organized each Wednesday between 6th March and 10th July 2024. You need to register and arrange your exact date and time with us two weeks in advance by email ( , and by paying the 250 USD entrance exam fee. Please note that there will be no exam held on 1st May, as it is a national holiday in Hungary.


Our entrance exams in 2024 are planned to be conducted mostly online, please inquire about the possibility of in-person exams in Pécs by email as of March 2024:

Online exams consist of an online written part, and an oral interview through Skype/Zoom. The written part is taken on the university exam platform, which is only accessible through individual links sent out to each examinee before the exam by email.

Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the exam link.

The written exam includes multiple choice questions in Biology (20 questions), Chemistry (20 questions), General English (40 questions) and Medical English (20 questions). The duration of the exam is 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

The oral part is a 20-30 minute personal interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation by Skype/Zoom. For this, you need to contact our Skype ID provided before the exam by email. 


If the pandemic situation allows it, exams may be taken personally in Pécs, in Budapest or at entrance exam venues organized by our representative agencies abroad as well. More information later.


b) at an exam occasion organized by McDaniel College (Budapest exam) 

c) at an exam occasion organized by one of our representative agencies (abroad exam)

For the further info and fees please contact your representative.


d) Please note that the possibility of taking the BMAT written test is only open by the end of 2023, as the BMAT test sessions will cease to be available as of 2024.