Registration and orientation week

In 2023 the registration week will be the week starting with 28 August 2023. Please arrange your arrival so that you are able to participate at the obligatory events of the week.

The registration week/orientation week is dedicated to the following administrative tasks:

  • Matriculation = creating your legal status with the UP MS for the first time
  • Get to know the curriculum, what subjects to take
  • Get familiar with Neptun: a computerized registration system for managing the education organization, UP MS provides access to it through the homepage
  • Get a student ID
  • Registration at the local Immigration Office
  • Obligatory medical check-up
  • Orientation lecture

Meet us in person at the English Admissions and Student Service Office from 8:00-16:00 where we can check if your application file is complete and provide you with a welcome package. You can also: 

1. submit the documents missing from your application file

  • high school diploma (since some of you did not have that at the time of application)
  • copy of passport

2. bring medical documents with you

  • HIV test
  • vaccination card (showing that you are immunized against Hep B and C) OR serology results for Hep B and C
  • Medical certificate (from your GP, stating that you don’t suffer from any contagious diseases)
  • Chest X-ray results

3. sign up online for the compulsory medical check-up –  the check-up will take about 10 minutes per person. You need to take the above mentioned medical documents with yourself when you go for your check-up appointment. Please do not submit the medical documents to our Office.

4. register your valid medical insurance or purchase a local one (further details available in our office)

We suggest you to come 1-2 weeks before the start to make some necessary arrangements (accommodation, residence in Hungary, etc.).