Is there an age limit to be accepted as a student at the University of Pécs?

No, there isn't.


How many intakes does the Medical School have?

There is only one intake in each September.


Who can help me fill in the application form?

Turn to your local representative listed at our Representatives page.


How can I get exemption from the entrance exam?

You may be eligible for exemption after submitting your complete (hard copy) application file if you comply with the requirements listed at our Possibilities for exemption page.


Are there any books from which I can prepare for the entrance exam?

There are no specific books. General high-school knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and English are required for the entarnce exam. For more information about exam topics, please visit our Entrance exam topics page page.


Is there a sample test available for the entrance exam?

No, there isn't, be prepared for a multiple choice test.


Do I have to sit in for an exam in Physics?

No, you don't, but later on you have to study Biophysics, too.


Where can I take the entrance exam?

For locations and dates please visit the Entrance exams abroad page.


What if I fail the entrance exam?

You can repeat it twice, altogether three times! In case of a multiple application you need to pay the application fee only once, but you must pay the exam fee each time when you repeat the entrance test!


Do I need a visa to study in Hungary?

It depends on your country of citizenship. Those who need visa to enter Hungary have to apply in time as the process might take weeks. Students from visa-free countries can enter Hungary without visa, but have to register at the local Immigration Office.