3. Online application

Thank you for taking an interest in the University of Pécs Medical School English Program. Please note that the application period starts on 20 October 2022 and the application deadline is 30 June 2023 for the academic year 2023/2024 beginning from September 2023. (Please note that we have only one intake per academic year). Since admission is continuous, the earlier you apply, the more spots we can offer.

There are two rounds of the application and admission procedure: 

  • I. online application and electronic submission of the first pile of documents, and admission
  • II. payment of the tuition fee and submission of the hard copy of the application file (submission of the paper version of the application file by posting or by handing in the documents personally in case of missing ones by the time of enrolment to the University at the latest)

I. online application and electronic submission of the first pile of documents, and admission

You will need to fill out the application form online (link at the bottom of this page), print the form and sign at the end (if you have a representative, the relevant section in the first page of the printed form can be signed too, but not necessarily). After you have signed it, please scan it and scan the following most important required documents (first pile) as well: 

  1. copy of your valid passport with your personal data
  2. official copy of your secondary school leaving certificate and official transcript of grades from secondary school (in English or with an authorized translation) (Note: you are invited to apply even if you’ll only get your high school leaving certificate in 2023. In case you get admitted you can submit the certificate as late as September 2023.)
  3. Europass CV (Curriculum Vitae) with a photo in English
  4. Proof of B2 level language examination (such as Cambridge FCE/CAE, TOEFL, IELTS) – only for Biotechnology BSc applicants
  5. Payment receipt of the 200 USD application fee (one-time fee) and if the exam is taken at an exam occasion organized by our Office, the 250 USD exam fee per exam. Application - and exam fees are non-refundable!  Information on the application and exam fees (If you take the option of the BMAT written exam, please visit the BMAT website for more information on the payment. In this case, 40 USD oral exam fee has to be paid the University of Pécs Medical School.)

After scanning, please send the package (preferably in pdf format) as an attachment by email to our email address at studentservice.center@aok.pte.hu (Google Drive link or OneDrive link is also acceptable). The scanned version of your application file will be accepted and you will be considered an applicant if the receipt is confirmed.

II. payment of the tuition fee and submission of the hard copy of the application file

After being admitted (after taking a successful entrance exam or being admitted with exemption from taking the entrance exam), along with paying the tuition fee, the signed hard copy of the application form (with a passport photo) and the first pile of documents mentioned above should be mailed with the following additional documents (only if available at the time of tuition fee payment):

Additional documents to be collected in English/officially attested English translation:

  1. medical certificate (signed & stamped by your family doctor)
  2. chest X-ray (doctor's note, not the image, and not older than 1 year)                                                 
  3. vaccination card (showing that you are immunized against Hep B and C) OR serology results for Hep B and C                                                     
  4. HIV test result (not older than 3 months)                  

Note: Mailing the medical documents (second pile) is not obligatory. You must have all of them ready by the time of enrolment to the University as you will have to take them with you for the obligatory preliminary medical health aptitude test during the first semester.


Please note that you can only apply to one study program (either General Medicine, either Dentistry, either Pharmacy or Biotechnology BSc). Please remember to submit your application when you are ready and all the obligatory fields are filled in, and after submitting it, please print and sign it.

Please note that your application is valid only after you submitted your online application and after we have received the soft copy of the first pile of (most important) documents by electronic means. The hard copy of your documents must be posted to us within two weeks of the payment of the tuition fee (or deposit payment) at the latest. Submission of the medical documents is not a prerequisite for enrolment, however, you must have them with you for the obligatory preliminary medical health aptitude test due in the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024.


Before completing the application online, please make sure you have the above mentioned necessary documents ready at hand, as you will need to fill in certain data based on the documents. 


Please note that you need to complete and submit an online application ONLY ONCE, even in case of a repeated entrance exam, only before the first exam trial.


The online application form for the application period of 2023/2024 will be open between 20th October 2022 and 30th June 2023.