Entrance exams abroad

a) Information on dates and locations of the entrance exams organized by our authorized representative agencies are constantly updated as soon as we manage to fix a date. Please regularly check for updates.

For further info and fees please contact your representative.

  1. The written part of the entrance exam includes multiple choice tests in Biology (20 questions), Chemistry (20 questions), General English (40 questions) and Medical English (20 questions). The duration of the written exam is 2.5 hours.
  2. The oral part is an interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation.


Please note that the entrance exam dates and locations are uploaded continuously as soon as an occasion is fixed.


Entrance exams abroad:

Please check the upcoming events for the entrance exams organized by our representative agents at this link:



List of representatives

b) Regarding the BMAT written entrance exam, please visit the BMAT website for more details.