Entrance interview for Biotechnology

There is an oral exam interview for the Biotechnology MSc Program. The entrance exam interview can be taken between 1st March and 12th July 2024. The interview can be taken online by Skype or Zoom.

The interview can be taken at an exam occasion organized by the English Admissions and Student Service Office of the University of Pécs Medical School. For this, you need to register two weeks in advance by email (studentservice.center@aok.pte.hu) and by paying the 250 USD entrance exam fee.


Admission will be given on basis of marks obtained in the Entry exam interview.


Accepted students

Those who successfully pass the entrance interview receive the Acceptance Letter by email. It includes the important dates and deadlines of the further steps.

Please read it through carefully and follow the given instructions! When the payment of the tuition fee is confirmed by the Finance Department of the University, we can issue your Final Acceptance Letter for visa purposes. Plase remember to post the hard copy of your application file to our address after admission, along with paying the tuition fee.