How to get to Pécs

The address of Medical School: Pécs, Szigeti út 12.

You can get information about the entrances of the Medical School and the nearest bus stops on the following map.

PTE ÁOK Campus



To the main building of the Medical School you can take the following buses until the named bus stop


  • 2, 2A, 55, 155, 107E
  • 25, 26, 26Y, 27, 27Y, 28, 28A, 29, 29Y

Stop KLINIKÁK Ifjúság útja:

  • 30, 30Y, 103, 109E, 130 

Schedules of additional buses including the night buses are available on the homepage of Public transport of Pécs

Biokom english webpage

Daily lines


You can choose a taxi company on the website of

You can find cabs at the taxi stations next to the railway station and the coach terminal.


From Budapest to Pécs you can take the M6 motorway (turnpike road) or route 6 (free of charge). From route 6 you have to turn to north to Tüzér utca. Turning left at the cross of Szigeti út you can reach the entrance from Kürt utca, and turning right you can reach the entrance from Honvéd utca.


Maps of Pécs are available on the following website: Térkép KalauzPécstérkép