Courses we offer – Dentistry

12 January 2023

The University of Pécs Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy offer five programmes in English for international students: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology BSc, and Biotechnology MSc. Let us guide you through our Dentistry programme.

Short Description

Degree: Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (D.M.D.)

Duration of training: 5 years

Number of available places: 60

Head of the programme: Prof. Ferenc Gallyas, MSc, PhD, DSc

Tuition fee / academic year: 17350 USD (9300 USD for the first and 8050 USD for the second semester

*Please note that the annual tuition fee for Dentistry includes the cost of dental materials/semester.

The course consists of 5 years (10 semesters) of pre-clinical and clinical studies. It is designed to unify the basic and clinical sciences, as it is believed that scientific and professional development cannot be sharply separated but should proceed concurrently throughout the programme.

The first two years are called the Basic module, when students are taught basic sciences – medical and dental courses – which are the foundation of clinical dentistry.

In the Pre-clinical module in the third academic year, students become more familiar with the intensive clinical study of the disciplines of dentistry.

During the Clinical module in the last two years the emphasis is put on the assessment and management of patients. Furthermore, in this final module students participate in elective programs, clinical conferences and hospital based practices. After the successful completion of the programme, students are awarded the title Doctor of Dentistry.

International Recognition

Hungarian medical university degrees are recognized in all member states of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. 

Graduates of the University of Pécs Medical School (as foreign graduates) have the right to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE), after which they are eligible for residency. They are also eligible to pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCCEE) and the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) before applying for residencies.

The University of Pécs Medical School is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Our Institution has successfully been accredited according to the criteria of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The accreditation for the General Medicine program will be valid from Spring 2022 until March 3, 2030.