Is there an age limit to be accepted as a student at the University of Pécs?

No, there isn't.


How many intakes does the Medical School have?

There is only one intake in each September.


Who can help me fill in the application form?

Turn to your local representative listed at our Representatives page.


How can I get exemption from the entrance exam?

You may be eligible for exemption after submitting your complete (hard copy) application file if you comply with the requirements listed at our Possibilities for exemption page.


Are there any books from which I can prepare for the entrance exam?

There are no specific books. General high-school knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and English are required for the entarnce exam. For more information about exam topics, please visit our Entrance exam topics page page.


Is there a sample test available for the entrance exam?

No, there isn't, be prepared for a multiple choice test.


Do I have to sit in for an exam in Physics?

No, you don't, but later on you have to study Biophysics, too.


Where can I take the entrance exam?

For locations and dates please visit the Entrance exams abroad page.


What if I fail the entrance exam?

You can repeat it twice, altogether three times! In case of a multiple application you need to pay the application fee only once, but you must pay the exam fee each time when you repeat the entrance test!


Do I need a visa to study in Hungary?

It depends on your country of citizenship. Those who need visa to enter Hungary have to apply in time as the process might take weeks. Students from visa-free countries can enter Hungary without visa, but have to register at the local Immigration Office.


Do I have to take an entrance exam in case I have an IB diploma?

An IB diploma does not make you eligible for exemption, you have to take the entrance exam.


Will you consider my high school grades?

We do not consider high school grades or results, the admission decision is solely made based on your performance at the entrance exam.


What can I expect at the oral part of the exam?

The oral part is a 20-30 minute personal interview with a university professor about medicine related questions and motivation. There will be two questions of Biology and two questions of Chemistry.


What can I expect at the written part of the exam?

The written exam includes multiple choice questions in Biology (20 questions), Chemistry (20 questions), General English (40 questions) and Medical English (20 questions). The duration of the exam is 1 hour and 40 minutes. You are not required to use your microphone or camera during the online written exam.


Are entrance exams going to be held in-person or online?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our entrance exams in 2023 are planned to be conducted online.


What are the costs of application?

200 USD application fee (one time fee) is to be paid to the University of Pécs by everybody (even if you have a representative). 250 USD exam fee per exam is payable to the University of Pécs if the entrance exam is taken at an exam occasion organized by the English Admissions and Student Service Office.


What are the exam dates organised by the English Admissions and Student Service Office?

Entrance exams are organised each Wednesday between March and June.


What are the exam dates organised by representatives?

Exam dates are to be found here: https://admissions.medschool.pte.hu/application-entrance-exams-abroad


Does the Medical School provide dormitory accomodation?

We have limited number of dormitory rooms (two students share a room), the rooms are reserved for those students who require VISA for entering Hungary.


Am I allowed to apply after the application deadline?

Deadlines are taken seriously, we do not accept applications after the passed deadline.


Can I apply without attendig a preparatory school?

Yes, however it is recommended in case you think that you need to brush up on your knowledge before the entrance exam.


Does the Medical School have a Preparatory school?

Yes, the International Studies Centre, please visit: isc.pte.hu


I lost my high school leaving certificate but I have a university diploma. Is it enough?

Unfortunately not, according to the Hungarian regulation, the high school leaving certificate should be submitted even if you have a diploma.


Can I pay the application and the exam fee by card?

No, please transfer the fees. Bank account number is to be found here: https://admissions.medschool.pte.hu/application-fee


In case I am admitted but can not start my studies in September, am I allowed to postpone my studies to the next study year?

Yes, in case you have paid at least the deposit of the tuition fee, and you have not matriculated during the orientation period.


Is the AP and SAT required to apply for medicine?

We do not consider high school grades or results, the admission decision is solely made based on your performance at the entrance exam.


I will receive my high school leaving certificate only in the summer. Can I apply before that?

Yes, you are invited to apply, though in case of admission you have to submit the high school leaving certificate at the end of August the latest.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes, for information please check this site: https://admissions.medschool.pte.hu/en/menupont/843


I would like to transfer to your Medical School, how can I arrange that?

Please contact the Registrar's Office of the Medical School of UP. Their contact: transfer@aok.pte.hu


After graduation am I allowed to work in Hungary?

In case you have high proficiency in Hungarian language you can apply for a residency position.


I live with disability, am I allowed to apply?

It depends on your case, please explain the nature of your problem and the GP of the Medical School will make a decision.


Am I supposed to have Hungarian language knowledge when applying?

No, Medical Hungarian and Hungarian Communication Skills are taught by the professors of the Medical School as part of the curriculum.