Health Day

The largest event of HuMSIRC (POE) is the Health Day. The medical students' association cares for a lot of health areas and they hold presentations about all of these during the Health Day.

  1. Drug-, smoke-, alcohol prevention
  2. Cancer prevention
  3. Obesity prevention
  4. AIDS and sexually transmitted infection prevention

The HuMSIRC appears many times in primary- and secondary schools thoughtout the country where they hold interesing and interactive presentations about the prevention of the diseases and they draw attention of the healty life. Sometimes the association sets out one main subject and they invite famous guest lectures who can raise the level of the session. 

One time in the year HuMSIRC organise a Health Day at UP Medical School. That time the high schools visit the University and 100-150 students have opportunity to listening the presentations. There is an other interactive program when the students are able to check in the structure of the departments.