Teddy Maci Family Day

Teddy Maci Family Day

At 2018 there was the sixth time of Teddy Maci Family Day in Pécs. Every year in spring the György Romhányi Hallway transform to an enjoyable hospital for the young kids and for the high school students.   

Assisting by the Teddy Maci Doctors the children try and play with the eqipments at the "Hospital", at the "Teddy operating room", at the "Teddy Dental Clinic" and at the "Teddy Pharmacy". During the funny programmes Figura Ede plays for the children lovely songs. There is face-painting and the students are able to try ambulance-, police- and firefighter cars. 

At 2018 the organisers create new locations of the Teddy Maci Family Day: thanks to the Department of Anatomy the children get to know more about the human brain, associating with the Department of Microbiology they can explore the World of the least creatures. The Teddy Doctors hold on presentations about the health nutrition and the students try the CPR. Helping with the foreign medical students the listeners get to know the english and german names of the bodyparts.  

The organisers wait with respect from the little ones to the high school students and, of course, their teddy bear too. 

Free entrace!