Why should you choose Pécs?


2024. 05. 08.

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1. Experience

UPMS is the country’s oldest university. We have 40 years of experience as the International Program started in 1984 with 38 students.

2. New buildings

  • Start your studies in the new theoretical building handed over in 2021.
  • We also have a new dental building which was inaugurated in 2022.
  • Enjoy our new dining area for students and colleagues where there are plenty of choices for international flavors as well.
  • Complete your practical training in the new MediSkills lab!

3. Everything is within walking distance

Our big advantage is that Pécs is a small university town. All facilities are on campus so you do not need to waste time travelling around the city, you can focus on your studies.

4. Safety

Naturally, smaller cities experience less crime, so Pécs is an even safer option.

According to the Global Peace Index, Hungary and the city of Pécs are considered to be exceptionally safe in both global and regional comparisons. In line with this fact, the University of Pécs is determined to render the highest possible quality of services to its students. This includes, inter alia, that we strive to facilitate a calm, secure and inclusive environment. We put great efforts in maintaining this peaceful and supportive community which results in a remarkably safe and secure learning experience.

5. Services

We care about your well-being!

The YourLife programme offers free advice from a dietician, physiotherapist or life coach, as well as cooking workshops, healthy eating and sports activities. At the University of Pécs, you also have the chance to try your hand at a wide range of sports, whether fencing, swimming or martial arts.

6. Student life

In addition to learning, Pécs also offers plenty of opportunities for sports activities and fun. The Mediterranean city offers plenty of sunshine and is close to nature. In the hills of Mecsek, there are plenty of hiking trails.

Pécs regularly hosts cultural and music festivals such as the Zsolnay Festival of Lights and the University Days of Pécs (PEN). You can also visit the city for colourful activities in the region, such as wine tasting in Villány, lake in Orfű or a sightseeing tour in Siklós.

The faculty also organises weekly parties called Medical Thursdays, the annual Medical Cup, international evenings freshman camp and motivational speech.