Religious practice

Religious practice


On each Saturday at 5 pm during the term-time

Confessions are heard after the Mass.

The Mass held in the Sacred Heart Church a.k.a. 'Pius'. 8. Ifjúság str., Pécs, 7624

Lutheran youth class

On each Thursday at 6 pm during the term-time

The Lutheran Youth Class held in english. Open for every student!

Adress: PTE BTK-TTK A-223 (Building of Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences)

6. Ifjúság str., Pécs 7624

Place of worship for Muslims

Turkish Mosque of Yakovali Hassan 

Address: 2. Rákóczi Str., Pécs


Christian church- hit gyülekezete

At Thursdays and Sundays there is english and german synch interpret at the worship.

Address: 62/A. Megyeri Str., Pécs 7632


greek catholic church

Worships in hungarian and french language. The Church needs previous applications.

Address: 21. Alajos Str., Pécs.

Phone: +36 30 644 8850