Sports Center

Medical Students’ Sport Circle

The goal of the Medical Students’ Sport Circle is to offer regular training and competition possibilities in many sports. You can also gain your P.E. credits by joining a sports team. Team building is considered a major task for the Medical Students’ Sport Circle. The sport fields offer a unique place for the co-operation of students in the Hungarian, English and German Programs of the Medical School.  All freshmen are welcome!

Sports activities

  • Aerobic
  • Table tennis
  • Airsoft
  • Baseball
  • Women’s handball
  • Men’s handball
  • Women’s basketball
  • Men’s basketball
  • Volleyball mix
  • Five-man Football
  • Field Football
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Triathlon
  • Swimming
  • Self defence
  • Karate
  • Combat sports
  • Kick-box
  • Fencing
  • Mountain trekking/ hiking


Although recreational purposes are given priority within the Medical Students’ Sport Circle, each sports team participates in local and national competitions, inter-university championships and tournaments.

Individual sportsmen represent our university at the National Tournament of Hungarian Universities and Colleges.

The Regional Universitas Cup in Men’s and Women’s Basketball was organized in coordination with the Hungarian University, College Sports League in the previous years.

With the support of the Students’ Council of the Medical Shool of the University of Pécs the programme of the ÁOK Sporthét - Sports Week of the Medical School housed 9 championships and presentations of 12 sports in 2012 and 12 similar events in 2013.

We have been organizing Men’s Basketball Championship among the Faculties of the University for ten years now, last year Women’ Basketball, Men’s Handball and Volleyball Mix enriched the sports on offer.

In the sports life of the faculty the intramural and college year competitions of each semester are also considered of high importance.